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Before the fire season

  ■   DECIDE what you will do if a fire threatens.  Evaluate your home’s situation and your own abilities. Are you aware of the Brooktrails Township Evacuation Plan. Will you be able to evacuate?  Do you have a safety zone? Or have you prepared to stay and defend your home?

  ■   IF YOU DON'T plan to evacuate, discuss this ahead of time with your local fire and Cal Fire people. Look inside these pages for insights about this life-and-death decision.


Plan ahead for persons with special needs.
Prepare carriers and food for your animals.
Choose an out-of-area contact person.

  ■   GATHER crucial items in one container:

Phone numbers,
Birth certificates,
Insurance policies,
Prescription names/numbers
Irreplaceable photos and small heirlooms
Inventory of your home’s contents
Computer backup files.

  ■   PACK in a bag, ready to grab:

Cotton clothes & socks, and sturdy shoes
Gloves, goggles, bandanas
Drinking water, snacks
Battery-operated radio or computer
Other items you can pack ahead of time

During the fire season

Keep your home and surroundings free of flammable materials!

  ■   SWEEP
your roof and gutters regularly.

  ■   MOVE
firewood, lumber, planter boxes, and other flammable items away -- and out from under -- home, deck, and porch.

  ■   CLEAR
everything flammable at least 3 feet away from walls and windows.

  ■   REDUCE
the amount of vegetation within  30 feet of your home.
  ■   COVER
outdoor vents to keep embers out.

are much more important than THINGS. Never risk a life to save your belongings.

When a fire is near

  ■   Provide for elderly/disabled /children first. Round up your animals and load them. Wear cotton jeans & shirt and sturdy shoes. Close exterior vents or cover them. Close all windows tightly.

  ■   MOVE ALL outdoor flammable items either indoors or 30 feet away from the house & deck, as time permits. Connect garden hoses to faucets. Shut off propane tank or natural gas.


 ■   TUNE TO LOCAL RADIO / TV / websites for news. Try KZYX: 90.7 or 91.5 FM, K201HR 88.1 FM


Containers and bags you already packed
Medications, glasses, laptop computer
Family heirlooms, if there’s time

  ■   DISCONNECT electric door openers and gates.

  ■   CLOSE
all doors behind you.

  ■   CALL
your contact person to let them know what's happening and where you intend to go.

If you are trapped


  • If time, bring a garden hose indoors.
  • Close all doors and windows tightly.
  •  Gather all family members inside the house, away from outside walls, on the opposite side from approaching fire.
  •  Stay there until the fire has passed (the heat & noise will last only 1-2 minutes).

  ■   RESIST THE URGE TO PANIC AND LEAVE.  You are much, much safer indoors. When the fire has passed, check your roof, deck, the outside of your house, and inside your attic for burning embers frequently, for at least 12 hours.


  ■   IN YOUR CAR:

  • Park in the most cleared area you can find.
  • Close all windows and vents.
  • Cover yourself with blankets or jackets and lie face down on the floor until the fire passes.

  ■   ON FOOT: Find a ditch or roadside area clear of vegetation, cover yourself up and lie face down till the fire passes.