Brooktrails has over 30 trails offering many miles of hiking. Over the years some of the trails have been maintained by volunteers, but revitalization of the trails is a Township goal as many trails are in disrepair. While the Township has set aside monies in its budget to support this work, volunteers will be needed.

And, indeed, we have had a team of volunteers taking the important first step of mapping the trails. As reflected in this announcement, they need your assistance:
Discover what put the ‘trails’ in Brooktrails

Team Trail Map has been working hard walking and biking all of the trails in Brooktrails with a GPS unit to develop a new trail map. Now they need your help with this new Hiking Trails Map which you can view in PDF format (or you can download the very large PDF file here).

This daring team of volunteers would like to know:
  • What do you like about the attached map??
  • What you would like changed??
  • What information you would like on the map??
Please leave your comments on our Facebook page or e-mail them too drose@btcsd.orgg

Want to see at a full-sized, hard-copy map? Stop by the district office; take a look and leave your ideas and comments behind. Together, now and in the future, we can make Brooktrails a wonderful place to live and play. Thank you!!

The Team - Crystal Schiffbauer-Bowles, Tim Ramming and Adam Sherff

The old map can be viewed by using the Hiking Trails Map link in the page header above.

Sometimes residents aren't aware of our trail system which is a valuable asset to the community. In 1992 our trail system was included in the The Hiker's hip pocket Guides series in the The Hiker's hip pocket Guide to the Mendocino Highlands and offers this description of a recommended 5˝ mile hike:

Development of our trail system was included within the initial plan for the community. It may be helpful to be aware of the policy documents that over the years established and reaffirmed the long term objectives for a trail system.

Adopted Planning Documents

The Brooktrails Redwood Park Master Plan (linked in the headings above) makes specific provisions for trails in the passive use area of the park/greenbelt areas as follows:

Appendix A referred to with regard to trails provides:

Most recently in 2013 the Board of Directors of the Township approved a Stewardship Plan as recommended by the Recreation, Greenbelt & Conservation Committee  which included the following regarding the trail system:

If you wish to learn more about the trail system and how to volunteer to work on the trials, visit or call Township Office and follow ouracebook page.