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~ Public Safety ~

Section 8



"Because we have built many homes in a wildland setting, the possibility of a large scale disaster does exist in Brooktrails, Spring Creek and Sylvandale. A major disaster could result from a variety of causes, or a combination of events. The two types of disasters most likely to hit our area would be a wildland fire or an earthquake. An earthquake can occur at any time, however, during the summer months we could also be faced with a wildland fire as a result of the quake. Unfortunately, the probability of a wildland fire in our area large enough to call for evacuation is a good possibility."

The above quote is the opening paragraph in the Brooktrails, Spring Creek, and Sylvandale Evacuation Plan. The Evacuation Plan provides a description of Township alarm (siren) systems, evacuation areas, primary and secondary evacuation routes, fire and medical support agencies and groups, and a series of maps in support of the text descriptions.

Fire hazard and the need for continuing a high level of fire protection is a recognized concern of Brooktrails residents. In continuing the fire protection effort, the Brooktrails Township Board of Directors on February 13, 1996, adopted Ordinance No. 100 requiring Class "A" roofs throughout Brooktrails, and authorizing a continuing education program regarding the use of fire retardant roofs. Non-rated (and wood shake or shingle) roofs, Class "C" and Class "B" roofs are more prone to incineration from sparks and cinders than are roofs rated Class "A". The Ordinance applies to new roof structures with an average pitch of 3 to 12 or more and when 50% or more of the total roof area of a building or structure existing at the time of adoption of the Ordinance is reroofed (does not apply to accessory structures such as sheds, and appurtenant structures such as awnings and patio covers).



PUBLIC SAFETY GOAL PS-8.1: Provide for the reasonable protection of public health and safety of all Brooktrails residents and visitors.

Update the community Evacuation Plan and increase community awareness respecting emergency response procedures.


Updating the Evacuation Plan will be at the discretion of the Township Board of Directors. Since the Plan was last revised in 1994, additional residents have located within the Township. A program of community awareness would include insuring all new or recent residents have a copy of the Plan and are aware of its contents. Education and dissemination of information should be emphasized. All residents should be encouraged to forward any questions they have about the Plan to the Township Board. Responding to questions would provide a format for updating subsequent versions of the Evacuation Plan.

Year: Annually. Implementing Agency/Entity: Township Board of Directors.

Locate future facilities related to emergency services or public safety in areas outside the dam inundation area, to the extent feasible.

The Lake Emily dam inundation zone is shown on Figure 3-1, Existing Conditions Map (see Chapter 3, Brooktrails Township Development, section 3.2, Township Characteristics). The existing Township offices, fire station and community meeting hall are located within the inundation zone. The discussion of new facilities related to emergency services and public safety are discussed in Specific Plan Chapter 7, Community Facilities and Services.

Encourage compatible uses such as recreation facilities and other day-use facilities within the dam inundation zone. Minimize the development of additional dwellings within the dam inundation zone.


The Brooktrails golf course is located within the Lake Emily dam inundation zone as is the Brooktrails childrens' recreation area, par course and picnic area at Summer Lake. There are also approximately 37 residential lots within the inundation zone, 9 of which are improved (have residences). The inundation zone was identified as a high constraint area to development in an Environmental Assessment (EA) prepared for the Township in 1993. Any unimproved parcels within the inundation zone to be acquired under a lot reduction program could be designated as open space within the Greenbelt (see Specific Plan Chapter 11) regarding lot reduction programs).

Ensure adherence to Mendocino County Public Health and Safety Policies and associated implementation actions.

Public health and safety goals, policies and implementation programs are contained in the Mendocino County General Plan Safety Element. The Safety Element contains the general County goals related to safety, the policies to be followed in moving toward the general goals and specific standards and programs to be applied and carried out. Policies and programs address fire, flood and seismic hazards. Refer to Public Safety Policy 8.2C below for further information and implementation. See also Zoning Policy LU-4.1D in Chapter 4, Land Use and Planning, for a discussion of land use planning of Ells Field Airport and related safety issues.

PUBLIC SAFETY GOAL PS-8.2: Provide for improved community emergency egress and access.

Provide an improved second access road to Brooktrails Township.

Previous traffic and circulation studies conclude that an additional access road into Brooktrails is warranted both from a level of service standpoint and from the need to provide an emergency access for public safety and evacuation. This fact was essentially corroborated in a report prepared for the District by transportation consultants Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc. (memo to Mike Chapman, Brooktrails Township, from Michael G. Jones, Fehr & Peers Associates, December 8, 1993, which stated in part on page 2:


".... From an evacuation perspective, a second or third access route into Brooktrails is needed now. This is based on two factors. First, because of the predominate wind direction there is a high likelihood that a major fire would cut off Sherwood Road to the south, and also major sections of the Township itself. Second, in the event of a major fire any one exit route would quickly become congested with vehicles. Either of these scenarios would seriously hinder fire fighting equipment and access into the area."

The Specific Plan calls for additional access roads into the Township. This subject is specifically discussed in Chapter 7, Community Facilities and Services, section 7.1, Transportation and Circulation.

Improve emergency access along the entire length of Ridge Road from Iris Drive to Goose Road.

Ridge Road traverses the west portion of the Specific Plan area. Between Iris Drive and Goose Road, approximately 1 mile of Ridge Road is currently unimproved. The Specific Plan calls for improving the unimproved portions of Ridge Road and is discussed in Chapter 7, Community Facilities and Services, Section 7.1, Transportation and Circulation.

Maintain an up-to-date Emergency Response Plan.

The evacuation plan discussed above under Public Safety Policy PS-8.1A, is to be considered one feature of an Emergency Response Plan. Other features of an emergency response plan may include a detailed earthquake preparedness plan, assigning specific persons primary and backup responsibilities to be carried out during an emergency, training in First Aid and CPR, etc. The Safety Element of the Mendocino County General Plan (page IV-23) specifies the following:

"Mendocino County needs to undertake the preparation of a practical and comprehensive Emergency Plan devoted especially to the possible kinds of natural emergencies which could occur in various sections of the County . . . Each small community is encouraged to have its own plans and to develop the capability to make an effective initial response to an emergency and to handle it locally as far as possible. This concept is particularly appropriate for Mendocino County where it is quite possible that a disaster could cut off some communities and outside help might not be available for several days. Building up the local action capability therefore is stressed in the Safety Element."



Year: Provide annual updates.

Implementing Agency/Entity: Brooktrails Township, coordinating with the Mendocino Emergency Services Authority.

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