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~ Single Family Dwelling Design Standards ~

Section 10-46 F

Brooktrails Specific Plan
Section 10.2 F

Because manufactured houses have pre-determined plan dimensions and are designed to be placed on level pads, many lots are not suitable for them. Variances for setbacks, tree removals and excessive excavation required to accommodate manufactured houses will not be permitted if they would not be necessary for homes designed to fit within prescribed setbacks and conform to the natural terrain.

The following guidelines are established in order to assure that single family dwellings, including manufactured houses, and associated accessory structures, meet the overall site development and design standards for residential development as set forth within this chapter.

1. Continuous perimeter skirting on concrete footings to match or be compatible with dwelling siding.

Entrance stairs or ramps and a minimum 20-square foot covered landing of materials and colors compatible with the dwelling. Rear entrance landing and decks need not be covered.

3. Roofs with a pitch of not less than 4:12, finished with a dark color to blend with Brooktrails’ shadows and trees.

4. Roofs with a 2_:12 minimum pitch over carports and decks finished to match dwelling.

5. Gutters and down spouts painted to match adjacent surfaces.

6. Eaves in open, grassy areas not less than 18” deep.

7. Roof planes visible from the street or downhill slopes, broken into more than one plane.

Development plans submitted to the Brooktrails’ Architectural Committee for review must include a detailed plot plan, grading plan and building plan which accurately represent the proposed development. Plan components are detailed in the building application materials supplied by the Brooktrails Township Community Services District.

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