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We envision Brooktrails Township as an environmentally planned residential community. We will be a community of people of various backgrounds, means, race, age and convictions. The residents and property owners will always have the opportunity to participate in policy decisions.

We envision our planning for infrastructure to balance the needs and desires of the community with what the environment can sustainably support, while keeping within our prudent financial ability.

We envision safe and dependable additional highway access to serve Brooktrails Township, an effective disaster preparedness plan and a responsive infrastructure including fire, ambulance, and law enforcement that reflects Brooktrails Township's changing growth and safety needs.

We envision preserving the tranquility, and natural beauty of our environment by being stewards of our natural forest ecosystem, for future generations. We will develop and maintain our trail system, and provide and maintain neighborhood recreation opportunities consistent with the environment. We will affect change by coordinating with neighboring non-Brooktrails residents and the City of Willits and Mendocino County governments.

We envision that our development will continue to evolve over time, with both the County and the District exerting appropriate leadership through the timing of the infrastructure standards and/or programs consistent with the needs of both residents and lot owners alike. The guiding principles shall be establishing the appropriate balance between development and the environment; and the preservation of individual property rights.

This VISION affirms that the transition from the original concept of the Brooktrails vacation village to a community of predominately full-time residents shall continue and shall be the basis of our Specific Plan.

Resolution No. 97-219

Ordinance No. 3986

Ordinance No. 3987

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