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The designation of Alternative 3B (medium growth-4,000 unit) as the preferred alternative is solely for the purpose of identifying the projected size of the community, not to impose a limit upon its growth. To emphasize, wherever this estimate of development is referenced throughout this Specific Plan, the intention is that this number represents a development projection, not a growth limit or development cap.

This Specific Plan recognizes that each Brooktrails property owner will make an individual decision as to whether or not to develop their parcel. Brooktrails Township CSD and the County of Mendocino, each within their respective jurisdictions, are committed to develop such infrastructure as is necessary to accommodate the demand for growth--whatever the level.

This Specific Plan recognizes that an unknown number of parcels will not be developed for various reasons and an unknown number will be merged with adjoining parcels. The adoption of Alternative 3B justifies the adoption of a voluntary merger program to reduce the parcels entitled to utility service.

The preferred alternative predicts the point where economic factors and environmental factors intersect to create or limit demand for infrastructure. It would be irresponsible not to predict the ultimate size of the community and the ultimate services and infrastructure which will be required. However, nothing in the prediction operates to limit the amount of growth--the ultimate choice of community size will be made by the collective owners of parcels in Brooktrails.

The designation of Alternative 3B does not operate to reduce the need for Brooktrails to pursue and protect water rights adequate for all development in Brooktrails, whatever the ultimate development level; and the Brooktrails Township Community Services District and the County of Mendocino, each within respective jurisdiction, are committed to pursue and protect such water rights.

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